Development Masterplan

Development Masterplan for:

  • Sabah (Malaysia)
  • Sumatera (Indonesia)
  • Jazan Economic City (Saudi Arabia)

Corporate Governance & Policies

  • Developed the Malaysian Grid Code
  • Developed the Malaysian Distribution Code
  • Guidelines on Embedded Generation Connections in TNB Distribution Network

Network and Analysis Solutions

  • Act as Independent investigator for Energy Commission of Malaysia during National blackout incident in 2004
  • Detailed Feasibility study of Malaysia-Sumatra Interconnection, 2004
  • Formulation of Masterplan for Sabah Electricity Berhad, 2004
  • Perform Investigation study for Caltex Indonesia during the blackout incident, 2004
  • System Study Associated with Evacuation of power from the Bakun Hydro Plant Project, 2007
  • System Study Associated with the Interconnection of Upper Padas Hydroelectric Project to SESB System,2007

Design Solutions

  • System Studies on Special Requirements for Interconnection Facilities and Transmission Works for 3x700MW Coal-fired Power Plant Project at Tanjung Bin, Johor, 2003
  • Engineering Studies Associated with 275 kV Salak South GIS Substation and 275 kV (1000 MVA) Hybrid Transmission Line/Underground Cables from Pantai Substation to Salak South Substation, 2006
  • Engineering and Technical Studies Associated with Supply, Erect and Commissioning of 132 kV Switchgear, Shunt Capacitor Banks, Ancillary Equipment and Associated Civil Works for TNB 132 kV Substations,2006

Customised Software Solutions

  • TNB Faults and Interruptions Reporting System (LGBNet)
  • TNB Intranet-Based Load Management System
  • TNB Distribution Network Nalaysis and Planning on the Intranet (DNAPNet)
  • TNB Integrated Power Quality Monitoring System (PQMS)
  • TNB Distribution Asset Risk Methdology and Analysis Tool (DARAT)
  • TNB On-line Integrated Project Progress Reporting System
  • TNB Online Dynamic Security Assessment System (DSAS)
  • Single Buyer Market Participant Interface (MPI)
  • TNB Transmission Metering System
  • TNB Transmission Load Disaggregation Interface
  • Network Analysis Simulation Interface with DSS Engine (Open DSS)


  • Course on Distribution & Reliability Analysis Using PSS/Adept for Provincial Electricity Authority – Thailand
  • Introductory course on Power System Simulation for Power System Steady-State & Dynamic analysis NPC, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia for Asian Productivity Organisation, Japan
  • Course on Switching Studies & Insulation Coordination using the PSCAD/EMTDC
  • Training on PSS/E on Load Flow & Short Circuit & Dynamics, Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc.
  • PSS™E Introduction User’s Course, Saudi Electricity Company, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.